Gazelle mask - Custom Made Papier Mâché Animal Head Masks

Gazelle mask - Custom Made Papier Mâché Animal Head Masks


This Gazelle mask is an example of my custom work. The buyer wanted a mask for a special occasion, so this was made to order. 
He sent me his measurements, and I created this mask in just a few days.

If you would like me to make a gazelle mask for you, or another custom mask for you, please send me a conversation here or on Etsy.
I love doing custom work and most projects are completed in less than a week.
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This Gazelle Mask is shown here as an example of my Custom Work.
People typically send me requests, sometimes with photos, and we talk for awhile about what they want for their project. Props Managers for Movies and TV shows, Event Managers and Party-Goers typically have things in mind, and I’m happy to work with your Art Department, Palettes and Themes, Directors and Deadlines.
It usually takes me about a week to do a big mask like this - because of both design time, drying time, and the time to box it up safely.
Regular size masks are typically done within three days, maybe slightly longer during Halloween (August to October).