Crooked Crow Masks

Photos by Crooked Crow and by Vagabond Epicure 

About the Artist


I have several decades of experience designing and making Masks and Fantasy Headdresses.
• Animal masks, creepy masks, burlap scarecrows, and many other styles.
• Fantasy Headdresses for ritual, photo shoots, festivals, weddings and hand-fasts, and other fun times.
• costumes, props and sets for theater,
• puppets, and monsters, large and small.

I have also done
• painting, both on canvas and murals, and won awards and prizes for my work.
• photography: old school, in the darkroom and digitally edited work. My work has been shown in galleries and public spaces around the world. I have also made jewelry, and hats, and sold those pieces through Alaskan galleries, and in Europe.

I also have several decades of experience
• designing and creating cosplay costumes, doing other creative work, including
• writing, publishing, editing, ad design and paper/magazine layout,
• playing music, and
• creating, designing and engineering inventive product designs.

Mask making remains my favorite occupation, with headdresses a close second. I guess you could say I really like making "things to put on your head".

I call Alaska home, and have lived here most of my life. Although I consider myself a Native artist, I have my own artistic style that I have developed over my lifetime.

About the Studio

Everything in my shop is made in a pet free and smoke free studio.

I do use feathers now and then, but keep them in a special area in the studio to avoid allergy issues.

I live in Alaska, in a mostly undeveloped environment, close to nature and the animals that inspire me. I love watching eagles and ravens, magpies and crows. I love our foxes, owl, bear, and wolf. Fish are also important to me, and often appear in my paintings and in my dreams. The wilderness and wild animals that surround me are a never-ending source of inspiration, and pleasure.

Because I care deeply about my environment and surroundings, in accordance with the ancient traditions of my people, I am committed to using recycled, or up-cycled materials at every opportunity to minimize the impact my work and projects have on the environment we share, while bringing the maximum pleasure and joy into our world.

About the Process

I have ready to ship, ready to wear pieces and I do custom work. You can expect a 1-2 day turnaround from order received, until your piece is at the Post Office.

Over time, I've honed my skills, mastered the materials, and created a style that is unique. I'm known for looking at the everyday world through my own lens, re-imagining common things in a more creative, and playful, way.No two pieces that I create are ever exactly the same: I seek the soul of a piece, feeling my way into a vision of what needs to be in our world.I make custom masks. I can make your mask to order, and I do artistic license masks. These masks take about two days to design and create. I can do cute, creepy, cartoonish, and I especially love to imagine animals in human clothes. Tell me what you want, and we'll work out a design you will love!I make custom headdresses. I can work with your choice of colors, and your other ideas. The headdresses take about a day to design and create.

I like doing my creative work more than sitting at the computer, so sometimes my website, blog, and updates don't happen as often as they should, though I do have notifications set to alert me when someone has a question, wants to order something, and other important events. I usually respond within a few hours. But when I'm not at the computer I am probably making stuff.

About the Work

Transform yourself with a mask, headdress or costume!

I love doing custom work.
I love making stuff.

Designing and making! I've been creative all of my life, I've gotten really good at using as many up-cycled and recycled materials as possible. I love the thrill of taking a common item, and imagining new uses for it. For me, that tends toward "things to put on your head!"

No two pieces I have created are ever going to be identical tho if you see something that's already sold, message me. I can do similar work. But really?
We've got plenty of same-ol'- same-ol' mass-produced, one size fits none stuff in the world, already. Boring! Let me make something unique, and just for you. Show the world you are different, in a unique, one of a kind, mask or headpiece.

I seek the soul of the piece. I've honed this skill, finding my way into and out of the creative space quickly, bringing those inspirations back with me into the everyday world.

About the photography - Most of the photos are taken by me, Crooked Crow, although I also work with my best pal, Vagabond Epicure who runs a wine, food and travel blog over at Vagabond Epicure . If you enjoy some of the quirkier photos here, chances are they are the collaborative effort of me and my pal. Check him out over on Facebook, pinterest, Instagram #vagabond_epicure

Shopping and Shipping

I would rather make masks than mess around with an online store. Been there, done that, and right now, it's not what I want to do.
Therefore, the best and easiest way to purchase my work is by using ETSY. Etsy is great for artists who just want to list the work, pay a small fee, and be done with it. Etsy gives me the best rate and they are best for you, too. I strongly encourage you to use the Etsy links to purchase my work. They have the largest selection of my work, and have been great with me, and with their customers. If you do not have an Etsy account, consider signing up, or logging in as a guest.

If you're really just over it, and don't want Etsy, and Do want another option, then consider shopping at my Amazon store. I won't go into details about why I'm not a huge fan, but if you prefer Amazon, that is available to you. My prices are slightly higher on Amazon to account for the outrageous commissions & piddly fees they charge. Prime users note: I am shipping from Alaska. Two day is just *not* going to happen, but items sent via First Class Package Service often arrive within five days to locations in the lower 48. Things rarely take as long as week to arrive, and I DO ship ready made items right away, often the same day your order is received.

Yep, Ebay. My prices are higher on Ebay because they take a hefty commission. Ebay also restrict my listings to 50, so not everything is shown there, But - I can create a listing for you if you like. Send me an email~ we'll talk.

I accept paypal. My email address is

I will cover free first class shipping to the U.S. via U.S.P.S. on packages within the size restrictions. (Under 15 ounces.) You read that right, I will cover the shipping charges for Standard First Class USPS mail. If you need your mask ASAP let me know - and I'll see what we can do. In most cases I usually have covered a portion of the shipping costs myself.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work, and whether you buy something from me or not, I value your commitment to supporting artists who make things by hand. Find out what I have for sale by following the Etsy links, or give my stuff a pin over on Pinterest, where I've just started learning how to update that with more than a photo now and then, And I am now also on Instagram #crookedcrowmasks Thanks.