To start with I'd like to share some videos of past work (and play).

A few years back, my long-suffering 'Muse of Amusement' was alternately coaxed and bullied into playing along on one of my weird ideas.
He agreed to dress up as ravens and hold a turkey funeral in the grocery store.
It was so f'ing funny, I have to pretend I'm sobbing to hide my peals of laughter, even under the mask. The video was filmed by Sharon Vrla, in Homer, Alaska. 2014 i think? and the music is by the amazing Stephan Grappelli.

The other video is a motion test video from just a year ago, in 2017, when i was building Skexxon, a giant oil spill monster inspired by Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal's" Skeksis monsters. Skexxon did battle with a Bob Ross puppet at Salmonfest, 2017, in Ninilchik, Alaska. Here we were seeing if his jaw moved properly, if his eyes blinked and basically, how it was to be inside a giant puppet, IN THE HOUSE!
And you think your upstairs neighbors are bad...