Still working on Festival Gear

I had a lot to do with the website, and other stuff the last couple of weeks, and I wasn't able to meet my goals for making stuff, but I am still at it, and hope to get some good work done in the next couple of days.
I got some rave bras done, and a few festival belts/ waist purses.
I'm brainstorming a wicked creepy photo shoot for later in the season, and gearing up in my head for making some fun masks.
The hippy boho style thing is weird for me - i used to dress like that as a young person, and now it's a style i feel pretty comfortable with, but it's like feeling my way in the dark to remember how it felt to make stuff back then. It's been awhile. But the swingy sway-ey stuff is still so fun to wear, and the colors!
Check out my latest work on the rave wear page here, or on my Etsy site, link above.