AH! I found the Post button!

Wow, What a busy month since we last chatted. Summer is always full on in Alaska: it's the time to do all the things that can't be done so easily in winter. Like walking outside!
I got a bunch of the Rave Wear done, and then started getting orders for Creepy Burlap masks. So I made a bunch of those, and quite a few sold.
We got some good photos done, plotted for more, and I'm working on masks for some of those. I'd like to do some really interesting photo shoots down at the beach before the weather goes wintery again. I've got ideas!
Then of course, I had the commission of the otter, which turned out so beautifully, I really love him, and a few other pieces.
I've got Amazon, and Ebay up and running along side my Etsy, so I hope to get a link for those in, soon.
I guess that's all to report for now.
Thanks for stopping by.